Empowering Travel by Embracing Diversity: Interview with Mary Li from Atlas

Empowering Travel by Embracing Diversity: Interview with Mary Li from Atlas

Atlas in The News:  

Mary Li, Founder and CEO at Atlas, shares her passion for low-cost travel and the travel industry in her interview with the Inspiring Women in Tech Asia and Travel Daily. If you want to understand better Atlas’ DNA and what drives our team’s passion for travel, this interview is a great start.  

In this conversation, Mary explains how her own journey in the travel industry – from a receptionist role in an offline travel agency through many travels and career moves to growing her third travel technology start-up – shaped her purpose in life.   

Read the interview to find more about:  

  1. How Mary’s very first experiences of travel – on group bus tours that took her to various shopping centers across Hong Kong, Thailand, and Macau – sparked her curiosity to explore different cultures.  
  2. The silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic that allowed Atlas to focus on building a solid, scalable technology platform. 
  3. What we call the ‘One Team’ culture and how it helps us connect travel sellers with low-cost airlines worldwide through advanced technology.  
  4. Where the Atlas name has come from and how it is connected to the National Gallery in Singapore.  
  5. Why Mary’s family continues to be a source of immense inspiration for her – from her daughter’s sincere pride in her work (“My mom sells plane tickets!”) to her sister’s determination to visit at least 100 countries on a very limited budget – with over 40 countries ticked-off already.  
  6. How experience in the travel industry broadened Mary’s understanding of different cultures and traditions and shaped her commitment to making travel affordable for all 

In this interview, Mary also shares her reasons for believing that the travel industry has a unique ability to change lives – and why we all should feel proud about playing our part.  

Check out the full interview with Mary on the ‘Travel Daily’ website here. 

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