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Travel Sellers

Access more low-cost carriers, unique fares and ancillary content
Drive decision making with greater certainty and speed
Scale with data-driven enablement and API simplicity
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Access a wider distribution network, at lower costs
Drive more revenue and margins with greater flexibility
Streamline and scale with advanced cloud architecture and insights
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Redefining Air Travel

Accelerating accessible and affordable travel with superior tech

Lower cost. Faster.

Lower cost. Faster.

Integrate at pace with our quick and easy airline API, then compare fares and ancillaries; organise itineraries, reservations or rearrangements at speed.
Driven by data.

Driven by data.

Access tailored content, driven by market and platform insights. Leverage the depth of our data capabilities to drive better decisions for your customers and your bottom line.
Unparalleled technology eco-system.

Unparalleled technology eco-system.

Experience the power of our Air Travel Retailing and Information Platform (ATRIP) – cloud-based, next generation travel airline ticketing system.
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Powered by Atrip

Unconstrained by legacy systems and traditional ways of thinking, Air Travel Retailing and Information Platform (ATRIP) aggregates vital data, insights, and processes so travel businesses can make more personalized and informed decisions for their customers, faster, and more affordably. Built for speed and reliability, ATRIP’s technical capacity offers a seamless transaction experience, regardless of volume.

Integrate within days
Generate up to 8000 queries per second
<0.5 seconds search response per query
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Discover Atlas

An atlas isn’t simply a collection of maps – it’s a way to help us understand the world.

Now, more than ever, the world craves connection. At Atlas, we connect the world via travel technology and worldly expertise.

We deeply understand the ecosystem in which our partners and customers operate because we love travel and the people in it. We’re all about bringing people together and going the extra mile to make travel and travel businesses more worthwhile.

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