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Scale your distribution, not your costs.

Air travel retailing for less, with more.

Maximize reach.
Minimize time & cost.

Access some of the world’s largest travel sellers, booking thousands of segments in ATRIP daily.

Streamline and scale with ATRIP’s advanced cloud architecture.

Our airline API search returns requests in under 0.5 second and our industry-best look-to-book ratios ensure more of your content is displayed to agency partners. Optimize your offers with bundled fares, dynamic pricing and ancillaries to drive revenue and margins with greater flexibility.

Features for airlines:

Not your average content aggregator

Real<br />


Built to drive ancillary revenue.
Post ticketing<br />

Post ticketing

Saving your overhead costs.
Flexible Payment<br />

Flexible Payment

Preferred and deferred payments to suit your payment strategy.
Personalized<br />


Unique monitoring and insights tools.
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Industry endorsed
and certified.

We’re experienced in all development areas and have integrated with a variety of different airline APIs, ensuring the highest industry standards.

Our technical team are flexible and able to handle multiple schemas, including, but not limited to New Distribution Capability (NDC) and ONE Order Capability, as certified by IATA.

We are proud to hold Airline Retailing Maturity (ARM) status as a System Provider for IATA’s airline retailing-based solution. This designation recognizes that Atlas supports deployments using Shop/Order/Pay capabilities which are compliant with the standard Enhanced and Simplified Distribution message schema, version 18.1 and the ARM index Capabilities Verification Guidance.

Regardless of your development protocols and preferences, we’ll support your team to ensure a fast and secure connection.

Low cost.
It's what we do.

At Atlas, we believe everybody should have the opportunity to travel and experience the world.

That’s why we’re so focused on low-cost travel – on enabling low-cost carriers and retailing partners to grow so that more people have access to travel. Because only through travel do we experience what it’s like for others – to see the world as they do – to appreciate our differences and celebrate our similarities.

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