Bigger, smarter, better: Atlas 2024 commitments

Bigger, smarter, better: Atlas 2024 commitments

By Mary Li, Founder & CEO at Atlas

January is a unique time for reflection. Before we all move into the “busyness” of everyday operations, it is an opportunity to review the past, plan for the future, and align our goals with our values.  

A core value of Atlas is to openly share. As we transition into the new year, we choose to disclose our plans for 2024 with you, so you can understand the direction we move in and the value we aim to bring to the industry.  

In the new year, we are going deep and wide.   

Tech infrastructure that you can rely on. 

Mary Li, CEO and Founder, Atlas

Though infrastructure might not be the most thrilling topic, it’s paramount. The airline distribution industry is maturing, and it is not only about WHAT you can offer but how WELL you can deliver it to the consumer. Legacy systems struggle to keep pace, and the emergence of AI, powered by vast amounts of data, will only exacerbate the issues caused by outdated technology. 

Atlas’ technology team diligently monitors our system performance to ensure it functions seamlessly and can handle peak demands. This way, we give our partners peace of mind and keep their costs minimal, and we set high targets for 2024 to maintain and increase the reliability of our systems as our volumes grow. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning at their best.

Deploying AI solutions that will keep you at the forefront of our rapidly changing industry will be a key focus.  

Atlas’ investment in a powerful data platform back in 2019 enabled us to rapidly integrate Gen AI models when they became available in 2023, and we are determined to leverage AI capabilities and make them available to our partners as soon as possible.  

One of the tools we are working on will allow travel sellers to access, analyze and visualize search and flight data, providing personalized insights in real-time. We are testing this solution internally and can’t wait to share it with you soon. 

Rich and varied LLC content that is easy to sell and distribute. 

With LCCs making up over 1/3 of the global seat capacity, low-cost carriers present a huge opportunity for agency growth.  

With many low-cost carriers already in the pipeline, Atlas will continue integrating more airlines into our platform. We will expand our market presence globally, and open access to a wider range of ancillaries and fare options. Our goal is to offer you reliable, affordable, and flexible access to LCCs worldwide, powered by impeccable technology infrastructure.  

You can explore our full airline list today, even if you are not our customer yet: visit the ATRIP Flight Deck and check our API – and unlock this market to fuel your growth in 2024. 

Bespoke and efficient payment solutions at minimal cost and with maximum security. 

Travel businesses rely on cross-border payments, and your payment flow may be driving unnecessary costs. Atlas’ payments team continues rolling out effective payment solutions to our customers across the globe, and we aspire to get to the point where we can always say ‘yes, we can!’ to your unique payment scenarios.  

Seamless and easy content retailing.  

The business of airline distribution was complicated and clunky for decades, but it shouldn’t be. That’s why we will continue working hard to ensure that it is super simple for you to access high-quality LCC content, analyze data, serve your customers, and extend your reach. We are going to automate and streamline all the standard services via our customer portal – the ATRIP Flight Deck – and launch 24/7 customer service for when you need personalized support. 


Our to-do list is long, but we have rolled up our sleeves and are excited about what lies ahead. 

Want to know more about our plans or have some feedback on how we can improve in 2024? Get in touch!  


*Source: OAG.


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